37.2 Set Up an Existing Report for Bursting

For the purposes of this chapter, we have provided an RDF file you can use for bursting. In this section, you will set up the report for bursting by deleting the repeating frame and setting the Repeat On property of the Main section, so that the data bursts on each warehouse ID. This way, you can distribute the data for each warehouse as a report to the corresponding warehouse e-mail ID.


For more information on the Repeat On property, refer the Oracle Reports online Help.

To set up the report for bursting:

  1. In Reports Builder, choose File > Open.

  2. Navigate to the directory where your examples source files are located, and open the file inventory_report_dist.rdf.

    The report displays in the Object Navigator.

  3. In the Object Navigator, under the report name, double-click the view icon next to the Paper Layout node to display the Paper Layout view.

  4. In the Paper Layout view, select the outermost repeating frame (R_G_WAREHOUSE_ID), then delete it.

    Figure 37-1 Deleting the repeating frame

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    Description of "Figure 37-1 Deleting the repeating frame"

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    For more information on frames and repeating frames, refer the Oracle Reports online Help.
  5. In the Object Navigator, right-click the Main Section node, then choose Property Inspector to display the Property Inspector for the Main Section:

    • Under Section, set the Repeat On property to G_WAREHOUSE_ID.

  6. Save the report as inventoryreport_dist_your_initials.rdf.

    You have set up your report to burst based on the warehouse ID.