37.4 Run the Report

You can distribute the report using a Web browser. Type the following command in the Location field of your browser:



your_path is where your RDF file and the distribution.xml file is located. your_login_ID is your login information for the sample schema you have used with the sample RDF.

The SMTP mail server is set up during the installation process. If you did not specify a server during installation, you can set up the mail server manually before distributing your report to an e-mail destination. You can specify the outgoing mail server using pluginParam in the server config file.

<pluginParam name="mailServer">smtp01.mycorp.com</pluginParam>

For more information on setting up the mail server, refer to the chapter "Configuring Oracle Reports Services" in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Publishing Reports to the Web with Oracle Reports Services manual.

Running the report creates a file for each warehouse based on the warehouse ID in the specified directory. When the report is distributed, a single e-mail is sent to one address with all of these files attached to the e-mail.

If you set up the distribution.xml file for multiple e-mail addresses, each warehouse (or each e-mail address) would be sent a single e-mail with a single attachment file that includes the report for that warehouse.