35.4 Summary

Congratulations! You have successfully created a report with a table of contents and an index. You now know how to:

  • create a table of contents (TOC) and index for a large paper report.

  • use the SRW.SET_FORMAT_ORDER built-in procedure to change the order in which the sections of a report are executed.

  • use the SRW.GET_PAGE_NUM built-in procedure to retrieve the page number for a specific record.

  • create a new table in your database to hold the necessary page numbers.

  • create a simple group above report using the Report Wizard.

  • manually create a simple data model to retrieve the information for your report.

  • create a format trigger to generate the necessary page numbers for an index.

  • use the Report Block Wizard to create a group report that displays the index in the trailer of a report.

For more information on any of the wizards, views, or properties used in this example, refer to the Oracle Reports online Help, which is available in Oracle Reports Builder or hosted on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), as described in Section 4.1.1, "Using the Oracle Reports online Help".