10.4 Group Report with Two Break Groups

Figure 10-10 Group left report output with two break groups

Description of Figure 10-10 follows
Description of "Figure 10-10 Group left report output with two break groups"

The figure above shows a further modification of your group left report. In this version, DEPARTMENT_ID prints only once for each department. JOB_ID also prints only once when more than one employee in a department has the same job. Both columns are now in separate break groups and DEPARTMENT_ID is in the higher group. Hence, it does not repeat for each unique value of JOB_ID within a department any more.


  • You can also create reports that include multiple break groups and assign one or more columns to each break group.

  • You will further modify the data model to include two break groups: G_DEPARTMENT_ID and G_JOB_ID.

  • After changing the data model, redefault the layout to incorporate your changes, then specify the format mask again.

To see a sample group left report with two break groups, open the examples folder named break, then open the Oracle Reports example named grp_lft2.rdf. For details on how to access it, see "Accessing the Example Reports" in the Preface.

10.4.1 Modify the data model

The first task in changing your previous report is to modify the data model by creating another break group.

To add another break group:

  1. Open the report you created in the previous section.

  2. In the Object Navigator, double-click the view icon next to the Data Model node to display the Data Model view.

  3. In the Data Model view, click and drag the group, G_EMPLOYEE_ID, down about 0.25 inches (0.5 centimeters).

  4. Click the JOB_ID column in G_DEPARTMENT_ID and drag it to a spot somewhere in between G_DEPARTMENT_ID and G_EMPLOYEE_ID. Another break called G_JOB_ID is created.

10.4.2 Redefault the layout

In order for your data model change to be reflected in your output, you need to redefault the layout for your report using the Report Wizard.

To redefault the layout with the Report Wizard:

  1. Click the title bar of the Report Editor to make it the active window. The Report Editor must be the active window for you to access the Report Wizard.

  2. Choose Tools > Report Wizard.

  3. Select Create Paper Layout only.

  4. Click Finish. Notice the changes to the output in the Paper Design view.

  5. Save your report.