25.4 Add Summaries to the Single-Query Matrix

To make your matrix report more useful, you should add summaries of each row and column in the matrix, and the whole report. In the single-query case, you can add these summaries very easily with the Report Wizard. In the multiquery case, you would need to add the summaries manually and then use the Report Wizard to create fields for them.

The steps below describe the procedure for adding summaries to the single-query matrix.

To add summaries to a single-query matrix:

  1. Return to the Report Wizard by choosing Tools > Report Wizard.


    Although you can use the Report Wizard to add summaries to a single-query matrix, you cannot use this method for a multiquery matrix.
  2. On the Report Type page, select Create Paper Layout only.

  3. On the Totals page, click SUM_SAL in the Available Fields list, then click Sum.


    You may have to use the arrows to make the Totals tab visible.
  4. Click Finish to preview your report output in the Paper Design view.


    When your new layout is created, you should notice a couple of things. First, at the bottom of each column of the matrix, you should now see a summary of that column's values. The report is also probably more than one page long now. Because of the width of the layout, the summaries for the departments cannot fit on the page with the rest of the matrix. Hence, the department summaries and the report summary overflow to the next page. Go to the second page of the report and you will see the department summaries and the report summary.