36.2 Create a table in the database to hold the TOC data

The steps in this section will show you how to create a table in the database that will hold the page numbers for the main and sub-categories in the report. If you are not sure if you can create a table in the database, contact the database administrator.

To create a table in the database:

  1. Start SQL*Plus.

    • On Windows, from the Start menu, choose Programs > Oracle Application Server - oracle_home_name > Application Development > SQL Plus.

    • On UNIX, type sqlplus.

  2. Connect to the Sales History schema of the database (for example, use the sh/sh@database_name connect string).

  3. At the SQL prompt, type the following line:

    create table toc_multilevel (main_topic varchar2(100), sub_topic varchar2(100), page number);
  4. Press Enter.

    You should see a notification that the table has been created.

  5. Exit SQL*Plus.