19.2 Create a Data Model and a Group Above Layout

When you are creating a single-query report, such as this one, you can use the Report Wizard to create the data model and layout simultaneously.

To create a data model and group above layout:

  1. Launch Reports Builder (or, if already open, choose File > New > Report).

  2. In the Welcome or New Report dialog box, select Use the Report Wizard, then click OK.

  3. If the Welcome page displays, click Next.

  4. On the Report Type page, select Create both Web and Paper Layout, then click Next.

  5. On the Style page, type a Title for your report, select Group Above, then click Next.

  6. On the Data Source page, click SQL Query, then click Next.

  7. On the Data page, enter the following SELECT statement in the Data Source definition field:



    You can enter this query in any of the following ways:
    • Copy and paste the code from the provided text file called pagenum_code.txt into the Data Source definition field.

    • Click Query Builder to build the query without entering any code manually.

    • Type the code in the Data Source definition field.

  8. Click Next.


    If you are not already connected to a database, you will be prompted to connect to the database when you click Query Builder or Next. Ensure that you connect to a database that has the appropriate schema for this example. Section 19.1, "Prerequisites for This Example" describes the sample schema requirements for this example.
  9. On the Groups page, click ENAME in the Available Fields list and click the right arrow (>) to move this field to the Group Fields list.

  10. Move REPID to the Group Fields list, too, then click Next.

    Figure 19-2 Selecting group fields in the Report Wizard

    Description of Figure 19-2 follows
    Description of "Figure 19-2 Selecting group fields in the Report Wizard"

  11. On the Fields page, click the double right arrows (>>) to move all of the fields to the Displayed Fields list, then click CUSTID and click the left arrow (<) to move it back to the Available Fields list, then click Next.

  12. On the Totals page, click Next.

  13. On the Labels page, change the labels and field widths as follows, then click Next:

    Fields Labels Width
    ENAME Rep Name 10
    REPID Rep ID 6
    NAME Customer Name 20
    ADDRESS Address 20
    LOCATION Location 20
    AREA_PHONE Area Phone 12
    CREDITLIMIT Credit Limit 8

    Figure 19-3 Specifying labels and widths in the Report Wizard

    Description of Figure 19-3 follows
    Description of "Figure 19-3 Specifying labels and widths in the Report Wizard"

  14. On the Template page, click Finish to display your report output in the Paper Design view.

  15. Save the report as pagenum_your_initials.rdf.