21.4 Create the report layout

In this section, you will create a default layout for your report. You will then add all the necessary layout objects for your checks.

21.4.1 Create the initial layout of your report

To create the initial layout:

  1. In the Data Model view, right-click on the canvas, then choose Report Wizard.

  2. In the Report Wizard, on the Report Type page, select Create Paper Layout only.

  3. On the Style page, select Group Above.

  4. On the Groups page, click the following groups in the Available Groups list and click Down to specify the Print Direction and move them to the Displayed Groups list:

    • G_DEPTNO

    • G_DEPTNO1

  5. On the Fields page:

    • Click the double right arrows (>>) to move all of the fields to the Displayed Fields list.

    • In the Displayed Fields list, click DEPTNO1 then click the left arrow (<) to move this field back to the Available Fields list.

    • Do the same for the COUNT_DETAIL and DETAIL_VAL fields.

  6. On the Labels page, make any desired changes to the labels.

  7. On the Template page, select Predefined Template and click Blue, then click Finish to display your report output in the Paper Design view. It should look something like this:

    Figure 21-4 Paper Design view for the suppress labels report

    Description of Figure 21-4 follows
    Description of "Figure 21-4 Paper Design view for the suppress labels report"

  8. Save your report as suppresslabels_your_initials.rdf.