15.5 Modify the Layout of the Report

In this section, you will change the field to expand vertically if the contents of the break field are longer than the specified width. As you can see in Figure 15-6, the width of the fields are fixed, but the names are incomplete. You will also add space to display between each record in the report.

To modify the layout:

  1. In the Object Navigator, double-click the repeating frame icon next to the R_G_NAME node under Paper Layout > Main Section > Body > M_G_Name_GRPFR, to display the Property Inspector.

  2. Under Repeating Frame, change the Vert. Space Between Frames to 0.25, then press Enter.

  3. Close the Property Inspector.

  4. In the Object Navigator, under the Paper Layout node, navigate to Main Section > Body > M_G_NAME_GRPFR > R_G_NAME.

  5. Double-click the icon next to the F_CUST_LAST_NAME field to display the Property Inspector.

  6. Under General Layout, make sure the Vertical Elasticity property is set to Expand, then close the Property Inspector to accept your changes.

  7. Follow steps 5 and 6 for the F_CUST_FIRST_NAME field.

You have now modified the layout of your report to display all the text in the wrapped fields, and added space between the records.