Part IV

Building Matrix Reports

The chapters in this Part introduce matrix reports in Oracle Reports Developer and provide steps to build matrix reports. Matrix reports display information in a grid format and include variations, such as information displayed as nested grids or grids displayed for each group in the report.

A matrix report looks like a grid that contains a row of labels, a column of labels, and information in a grid format related to both the row and column labels. These reports are sometimes referred to as "crosstab" reports.

A nested matrix report contains the cross product, that displays every possible value for three dimensions - two down (such as YEAR and DEPTNO) and one across (such as JOB).

A matrix with group above report is a combination of a matrix layout and a group above layout. For each group in this report, the break group (for example, the department number) displays across the top of the record, and the details of the group (for example, the employee information) displays in a matrix format.