Confirm Business Area Delete dialog

Use this dialog to manage how you delete a business area. For example, to check the impact of removing a business area before doing so.

Note: Folders that have no business area become orphaned folders. These folders still exist in the EUL, but are no longer visible in the Workarea. You can view and delete orphaned folders by using the Tools | Manage Folders option from the Discoverer main menu.

For more information, see:

"What are business areas?"

"How to delete a business area"

Are you sure you want to delete this business area?

  • Delete this Business Area

    Use this option to remove only the business area, but not the contents of the business area.

  • Delete this Business Area and its Folders

    Use this option to remove the business area and all of the folders. This option does not remove folders from any other business area.


Use this button to remove the selected business area.


Use this button to cancel the action, and close this dialog with no change to the business area or EUL.


Use this button display the "Impact dialog". The Impact dialog displays a list of all objects that will be affected or removed if you remove the selected business area.