Database Information dialog

Use this dialog to view the name of the database to which you are currently connected and the functions available. For example, to check that you have configured the database correctly.

For more information, see:

"What are the prerequisites for using Discoverer Administrator?"

Connected to:

Use this field to find out the name of the database to which you are connected. This field is a concatenation of your user name, the @ symbol and the database name.

The list box displays database configuration information and any functionality not available to this database user and why the functionality it is not available.


If summary management is displayed as not available:

  • Summary management will not be available to a newly created EUL owner.

    The following privileges must be granted to enable summary management:

    • analyze any

    • create any materialized view

    • drop any materialized view

    • alter any materialized view

    • global query rewrite

    The above privileges can also be set up from the script eulasm.sql (located in the <ORACLE_HOME>\discoverer\util directory).