Database Storage Properties dialog: Properties tab

Use this dialog to view and set database storage properties and the materialized view name (or summary table name in Oracle Standard Edition databases).

Note: Database storage properties do not apply to summary folders based on external summary tables.

For more information, see:

"Managing Summary Folders"

"Creating Summary Folders Manually"

"How to edit database storage properties of summary combinations for a summary folder"

The following table lists the properties and their default values. When you select a property, the panel at the bottom of the dialog displays a description the purpose of the property and the datatype it will accept.

Property Datatype Default Value* Range Create/Edit
Table Owner** alphanumeric current user   yes
Table Name alpha EUL generated   yes
Tablespace** alphanumeric SYSTEM   yes
Initial Extent** numeric 10K   yes
Next Extent numeric 10K minimum data block yes
% Increase numeric 50% >=0% yes
Min. Extent** numeric 1 1-Maximum Extent yes
Max. Extent numeric 121 > Minimum Extent yes
% Free numeric 10% 0-100% yes
% Used numeric 40% 0-99% yes
Status alpha     no
# Rows numeric     no
Error alpha     no
Last Refreshed       no

Note: In the above table, if you change a **non-dynamic storage property that affects existing summary data, Discoverer recreates the summary folder, this might take some time.

Values for the attributes Status, # Rows, Error and Last Refreshed are only available for summary folders that have been built. Therefore, when you use the Summary Wizard, these fields are grayed out, but when you edit the summary folder, these fields display appropriate values.