Workarea: Data tab

Use the Data tab to view the business areas, folders and items in the EUL that Discoverer end users see in Discoverer Desktop, Discoverer Plus and Discoverer Viewer. Folder items include axis items, data point items, joins, conditions, and calculated items. Discoverer Administrator displays folders and items that might be hidden to end users.

For more information, see:

"What is the Workarea?"

"About the tabs in the Workarea window"

In the Data tab you can move items from one folder to another. You can also create, edit and delete folders, complex folders, items, conditions, joins and delete business areas.

Note: If you change the name of a primary element (folder or item) in this tab, it might affect the name of each secondary element whose Auto generate name property is set to Yes. If you change the name of a primary element when dependent secondary elements have their Auto generate property set to Yes, Discoverer will reset the Auto generate property for each dependent secondary elements to No. For more information, see "About generating and updating EUL item names automatically".

Use the Properties dialog to examine and modify many attribute values, and to view the types and names of dependents for business areas, folders and items.