Load Wizard: Step 3 dialog

Use this dialog to select the schema objects that you want to load into the new business area.

For more information, see:

"What is the Load Wizard?"

"How to create a business area using the Load Wizard"


This field displays all schema objects (tables and views) available for inclusion in the new business area. Select one or more schema objects from the Available field and move them to the Selected field.


This field displays all tables and views that you have selected to be included in the new business area. Each table and view that you select will be a folder in the new business area.


  • You can select more than one schema object by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking another schema object.

  • The selections made in the Load Wizard: Step 2 dialog determined the objects that are now displayed in the Available field in the Load Wizard: Step 3 dialog. If you want to change any of those selections (that is, the database link, user IDs, or tables you specified, if you used the online dictionary options), click Back to return to the Load Wizard: Step 2 dialog.