New Date Format dialog

Use this dialog to create a new date format. For example, you might want to create a new format for Year containing the last two digits only of a typical four digit year (for example, to display the digits 01 to represent 2001, 02 to represent 2002 and so on).

You can use the new format in date hierarchies.

For more information, see:

"What are date hierarchies?"

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"What are date format masks?"

Date format group

Use this drop down list to choose the group in which you want the new date format to be included (for example, Year, Quarter, Month).

New Format

Use this field to enter the date format mask that you want to use. For example, use Mon-YYYY to display the month plus the four digits of the year.


  • A new date format must confirm to the SQL Date Format Model, for example YYYY, YYY, YY, RR

  • You can prefix a new Date Format with descriptive text by enclosing the descriptive text in quotes (for example, "Fiscal Year" YYYY).