Privileges dialog: Query Governor tab

Use this tab to view and edit the query configuration for a specified user or role (role is replaced by responsibility for Oracle Applications users). For example, to limit the number of rows that can be retrieved for the user jchan.

For more information, see:

"Controlling Access to Information"

Show query limits for

Use the Select button next to this field to display the "Select User/Role dialog" where you can search for and select the user or role whose query limits you want to change. For example, choose jchan to display the query limit settings for jchan in the Query Governor area.

Query Governor

Warn user if predicted time exceeds... Seconds:

Select this check box to display a warning to the Discoverer end user if a query takes longer than the amount of time specified.

This privilege is only available when using an Oracle database.

Prevent queries from running longer than... Minutes:

Select this check box to limit the query time for the selected user.

Limit retrieved data to... Rows:

Select this check box to limit the number of rows a users query can return. The limit you set here is a maximum. The end user can set a limit that is lower. When a query has reached the maximum number of records set by you or the end user, the query stops and the data retrieved so far is returned to the end user. For example, if the check box is selected and the value 1000 is entered, only the first 1000 rows of a query are displayed on a Discoverer end user worksheet.

Clear this check box for Discoverer to attempt to retrieve all rows in a query. Note that for performance reasons, it is not recommended that you clear this check box when queries might return hundreds of thousands of rows or more.