Privileges dialog: User/Role tab

Use this tab to configure specific privileges for users and roles. For example:

  • to look at which users and roles have Administration privileges

  • to check that a group of roles have the Save Workbooks to Database privilege

  • to revoke drill out privileges for specified users

Note that Oracle Applications users have responsibilities instead of roles.

For more information, see:

"About Discoverer and security"

"How to specify a user or role (responsibility) to perform a specific task"

Show users/roles with privilege

User this drop down list to choose a privilege that you want to look at. For example, choose Save Workbooks to Database to display the users and roles that have this privilege in the Show field.


Use this check box to look at user privileges.


Use this check box to look at role privileges. This option is only available when you are using an Oracle database.

Show: (Users/Roles list)

This field displays all users and roles and whether they have the currently selected privilege. A privilege is applied to a user or role when the check box next to the user or role is selected. The list is updated when you select a new privilege in the Show users/roles with privilege field.

  • To grant a privilege, select the check box next to the user or role that requires the currently selected privilege.

  • To revoke a privilege, clear the check box next to the user or role that does not require the currently selected privilege.

Privilege Description

This field displays additional information about the currently selected privilege.