Refresh Business Area dialog

Use this dialog to look at differences that have been found between the folders and items in the current business area and source tables in the database to which they link. For example, if a new primary key has been detected in the source database, you can use this dialog to correct this in the business area and continue the refresh. You can also assess the impact that changes will have on other objects in the business area.

For more information, see:

"Creating and Maintaining Business Areas"

"How to synchronize a business area with the database"


This field displays the name of the item that is different.


This field displays the type of change that has occurred. For example, the source table has a new foreign key.


This field displays the effect that completing the refresh will have on the object and the check box enables you to switch the action on or off.


Use this button to start the refresh using the options selected.


Use this button to display the "Impact dialog". The Impact dialog displays a list of objects that will be affected or removed if you refresh this business area.