Summary Properties dialog

Use this dialog to view and configure properties for this summary folder. For example, to look at the status, or change the next refresh date for a summary folder.

For more information, see:

"Managing Summary Folders"

"What are summary folders?"

"What are Discoverer summary tables?"

"What are materialized views?"

"Why must you refresh summary data?"


Use this field to enter a name for the summary folder.


Use this field to enter a description for the summary folder.


This read-only field indicates whether a summary folder is managed or external.

  • Managed summary folder

    Managed summary folders have their data refreshed at intervals you specify. Managed summary folders can contain many summary combinations. Discoverer can create the materialized views required, and enables you to specify summary folder name, summary item names, and storage properties for summary folders you create. Alternatively you can pre-create the summary tables, and simply tell Discoverer the table owner and name.

  • External summary folder

    External summary folders contain tables created by an application external to Discoverer. The column and item names might differ from those in Discoverer. With this option, you register each external table and map its columns to items in the End User Layer. You can specify that Discoverer takes over management of the external summary folder, so that Discoverer can populate the materialized view and refresh the summary folder.

Available for queries

Use this field to specify whether this summary folder can be used for worksheets run in Discoverer Plus. For example, when a Discoverer end user opens a worksheet that displays items from this summary folder Discoverer Plus might use the summary folder to display the worksheet results.


This read-only field displays the current point in the life cycle of this summary folder. Only summary folders that have the status Complete, are available for queries.

The following list explains the meaning of values displayed in the Status field:

  • Pending

    The summary refresh job is scheduled on DBMS_JOB queue, but has not yet started execution.

  • Under construction

    The summary refresh job has started, and is inserting the rows into the materialized view.

  • Unusable

    Discoverer has created a new summary a folder but has not yet refreshed it for the first time (Oracle Enterprise Edition databases).

  • Stale

    The summary folder data is inconsistent with the detail data for a materialized view (Oracle Enterprise Edition databases).

  • Complete

    The summary folder is complete and ready for use.

  • Failed

    The summary refresh job fails and Oracle displays a database error.

  • Refresh Required

    The end user must refresh the summary folder before it can be used. This normally happens only when the Discoverer manager has changed folder, item or join definitions in a way that requires the summary folder to be rebuilt. Discoverer displays the following reasons when refresh is required:

    • Incompatible with database version

      The EUL definition of the materialized view is incompatible with the version of the database. This can occur if a database export/import of the EUL has occurred across database versions. For example, from an Oracle Standard Edition database to an Oracle Enterprise Edition database.

    • EUL has changed

      Dependent EUL item has changed its definition. For example, the formula of an item used in the summary folder.

    • Server has changed

      The definition of the materialized view in the database is inconsistent with the definition in the EUL (Oracle Enterprise Edition databases).

  • External

    This summary folder is external and uses summary tables created in an application external to Discoverer.

Last refreshed

This read-only field displays the date when this summary folder last received up-to-date data from the database. This is only available for managed summary folders.

Next Refresh

Use this field to change the date when this summary folder will next receive up-to-date data from the database. This is only available for managed summary folders.

Refresh Interval

Use this field to change how often this summary folder receives up-to-date data from the database. This is only available for managed summary folders.


Use this field to change the unique identifier that Discoverer uses to identify EUL and workbook objects. Discoverer uses identifiers to locate objects in different EULs that refer to the same business object.

Automatically save changes after each edit

Use this check box to save changes each time a field in this dialog is updated.