Workarea: Summaries tab

Use the Summaries tab to manage summary folders in the EUL grouped by business area. From here you can:

  • create new summary folders

  • edit summary folders

  • refresh summary folders

  • delete summary folders

  • examine summary folders properties

  • validate summary folders

For more information, see:

"What is the Workarea?"

"About folders and summary folders in Discoverer"

Summaries tab

Use the list to select a summary folder.

To see a list of menu options available for a summary folder, right click the cube icon that represents the summary folder. Discoverer represents summary folders as follows:

Summary folder How the summary folder is represented in Discoverer
valid summary folder. a cube icon with a clock face
valid external summary folder a cube icon
broken summary folder a cube icon with a yellow warning triangle


  • If Discoverer displays the message 'This user requires Create Any Materialized View privilege' when you try to refresh a summary folder, you do not have the necessary privileges to refresh summary folders. To grant the necessary privileges, follow these steps:

    • Log out of Discoverer Administrator.

    • Start Oracle SQL*Plus, and connect using the database administrator user name and password.

    • Run the following SQL script:

      <ORACLE HOME>\discoverer\util\eulasm.sql

    • Restart Discoverer Administrator

  • A summary folder is considered broken when Discoverer cannot use the materialized view, summary table or detail tables. To find out more about why a summary folder is broken, use the View | Validate Summaries menu option. You might want to edit a broken summary folder to investigate its composition and remove any broken folders.