Security dialog: Users - > Business Area tab

Use this tab to grant or revoke user access to multiple business areas. For example, to grant a new Discoverer end user access to several business areas in the End User Layer.

To grant multiple users access to a single business area, use the "Security dialog: Business Area - > User tab".

For more information, see:

"Controlling Access to Information"


Use the Select button next to this field to display the "Select User/Role dialog" where you can search for and select the user or role that requires access.

Available business areas

Use this field to choose which business areas you want to grant access to the selected user or role. To grant access, move business areas from the Available business areas field to the Selected business areas field.

Selected business areas

Use this field to see which business areas the selected user or role has. To revoke access, move business areas from the Selected business areas field back to the Available business areas field.

Allow Administration

Use this check box to grant both access and administration rights on the selected business areas to the user selected.


  • Before displaying the folders in a business area, Discoverer checks if the user has database access to the tables referenced in the folders. If they don't have the necessary permission, Discoverer does not display the folders. You can override this check by changing the value of the ObjectsAlwaysAccessible registry setting (for more information, see ObjectsAlwaysAccessible in "Discoverer Registry Settings").

  • When connected to Discoverer as an Oracle Applications user, the term Role is replaced with the term Responsibility.

  • You can select more than one business area by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking another business area.