Delete Scheduled Workbook Results dialog

Use this dialog to see which scheduled workbook results sets are to be removed permanently from the database. These scheduled workbook results sets are produced when scheduled workbooks are processed, according to the schedule defined. For example, a daily report is produced once per day.

For more information, see:

"What are scheduled workbooks?"

"About how scheduled workbooks are processed"

The scheduled workbook results below will be deleted:

Use this list to view the workbook results that are to be deleted, and the date and time that the workbook results are to be deleted.

Don't show this window again, and delete results automatically on exit.

Use this check box when you want Discoverer to delete expired workbook results automatically without displaying this dialog.


  • The Delete results after _ days field on the "Schedule Wizard dialog: Schedule tab" is used to specify when to delete results.

  • Unless a scheduled workbook is configured to run only once, a new set of results is re-created when the workbook is next processed according to the schedule defined. For example, a weekly report is processed in the following week.