Group Total dialog

Use this dialog to create a group total calculation (sometimes referred to as a reporting aggregate). A group total calculation aggregates values within a group. For example, you might want to calculate a total sales value for each quarter.

This type of analysis is sometimes referred to as windowing analysis.

For more information, see:

"What are analytic functions?"

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"Windowing function examples"

Total on

Use this drop down list to choose the item for which you want to calculate the group total. For example, you might choose Sales SUM to calculate a total sales value for each year.

Total type

Use this drop down list to specify the type of total you want. For example, choose 'f(x) Sum' to add values in the group, or 'f(x) Avg' to produce an average of the values in the group.

Restart total at each change in

Use this list to specify the groups to be used to arrange results into groups (sometimes referred to as partitions).

For example, to calculate the total of Sales SUM values within year, you might choose Calendar Year. In other words, if you have sales values spanning two years, you would have a group total value for each year.

If you do not specify a group, Discoverer treats all worksheet values as a single group.


This read-only field displays the underlying formula that you are building as you specify values for the fields above. This formula is updated each time you change one of the values in the fields above. When you click OK, the formula is transferred to the Calculation field in the "New Calculation dialog" or the "Edit Calculation dialog".


  • A group total analytic function is similar to a Discoverer worksheet total. However, the group total analytic function calculates a total value for each row in the group. Therefore, you can use group total analytic functions to build more complex calculations. For example, you might use a group total analytic function to calculate the Sales SUM as a percentage of the group total for the region.