Edit Graph dialog: Font dialog tab

Use this tab to change the text styles on a graph. For example, you might want to specify a different font for the graph title or axis title.

Note: The fields that you use to specify font details depend on the graph type selected.

For more information, see:

"About components of a Discoverer graph"


Use this drop down list to specify a text font.


Use this drop down list to specify a font size.


Use this drop down list to specify a font style (for example bold, italic, underlined, or sans-serif).


Use this button to display a color pane that enables you to change the color of the item.


Use this color pane to specify a color for the item text.


Use these buttons to set the horizontal text alignment (where applicable).

Show Actual font size

Use this check box to display text in the example area in the font size and style selected.


Use the orientation buttons to rotate axis tick labels or axis titles to the best position. For example:

  • 0 degrees positions an X-axis title horizontally (to flip the title vertically, choose 270 degrees)

  • 0 degrees positions a Y-axis title vertically (to flip the title horizontally, choose 270 degrees)

Note: This option is not available for the X-axis title or the legend.