Edit Graph dialog: Style tab

Use this dialog to change the default style for the graph, which applies a predefined set of color tones and text styles to the graph. For example, graph styles available include Autumn, Financial, Executive, Black and White. Graph styles enable you to apply a consistent look and feel to graphs.

This dialog is also displayed as:
Edit Graph dialog: Graph Style page

For more information, see:

"About using graphs in Discoverer"

"About components of a Discoverer graph"


Use this drop down list to choose the graph style you want to use (for example, Autumn, Financial).


This area shows you how the graph looks when the selected graph style is applied.

Gradient Effect

Use this check box to enhance the graph by varying the color shades. For example, you might want a blue bar on a bar graph to be shaded gradually from light blue to dark blue.

3-D Effect

Use this check box to create a three-dimensional (3-D) version of the selected graph style.

Most graph sub-types have a three-dimensional effect that you can switch on and off as required (using the 3D-Effect check box on the Graph Styles dialog).

Note: 3D-Effect should not be confused with three-dimensional graphs, such as 3D-Cube and Surface, which are used to represent multi-dimensional data.