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abstract base class, A.8
access requirements, 1.4
action definition, A.7.3.1
action definitions, A.7.3.4
action handler, A.7.1
action handlers, A.3
Action Mappings node, A.7.3.3
Action Node
addToStack attribute, A.7.3.4
authRequired attribute, A.7.3.4
bean attribute, A.7.3.4
class attribute, A.7.3.4
name attribute, A.7.3.4
action node, A.7.1, A.7.3.4
action request, 2.3
action URL, 2.3
action-mappings node, A.7.3.4
active.document.checkOut, A.8 action, A.8
anonymous users, 1.4
Ant build.xml file, A.2
Ant file, A.5
Apache Ant, A.2
authenticated users, 1.4


body tag, A.1
building customized portlets, A.6 file, A.5


cacheResult, A.7.3.1
checkout handler, A.8
child nodes, A.7.3
client-side JavaScript, A.1
configure Content Server for CPS, 3.3, 3.4
Configuring Oracle Content Server for CPS Communication, 3.4
consuming CPS portlets, 4
Contribution portlet, 1.3, 5.1.4
controller, A.10
controller (MVC), 2.2
controller class, A.9
controllerClass, A.7.3.5
CPS Communication, 3.4
CPS Portlet Tag Libraries, A.6
CPS Portlets, 2.1
CPS Portlets on WebCenter, 3.1.4
CPS portlets on WebCenter Interaction, 4.2
CPS Portlets on WebLogic Portal, 3.2.3
CPS portlets on WebLogic Portal, 4.3, 4.4
CPS Portlets on WebSphere Portal, 3.3.3
CPS SDK tag libraries, A.2
createURI, A.8
custom attributes, A.7.3.4
custom managed server, 3.1.3
customized portlets, A.6
customizing the portlets, 5.2


Default Action Node
cacheResult attribute, A.7.3.1
view/edit attribute, A.7.3.1
default keyword, A.7.3.1
default-action node, A.7.1, A.7.3.1
deploying CPS as a WSRP producer, 3
Deploying CPS Portlets on WebCenter, 3.1.4
Deploying CPS Portlets on WebLogic Portal, 3.2.3
Deploying CPS Portlets on WebSphere Portal, 3.3.3
dispatch configuration file, A.3, A.7, A.7.3.3
child nodes, A.7.3
coding for active search, A.7.2
default keyword, A.7.1
error keyword, A.7.1
login keyword, A.7.1
previous keyword, A.7.1
top-level node, A.7.3
dispatch.xml, A.7


edit host and port properties, 3.1.4
edit mode, A.7.1
edit mode page, A.7.1
Editing the Configuration File for Content Server, 3.4.2
Enabling the IP Address on Content Server, 3.4.1
enabling the IP address on Content Server, 3.4.1
encapsulating Java code, A.1
environment variables, A.5
portal.vendor, A.5, A.5
error handling, A.6.2
error keyword, A.7.1
error object variable, A.6.2
error page, A.7.1


facade object, 2.3
Forward node, A.7.3.4
forward node, A.7.3.4


GenericPortlet class, A.7
getAttributes method, A.7.3.4
getID method, A.8
Guest Library portlet, 1.3, 5.1.1
Guest Search portlet, 1.3, 5.1.2


handleAction method, A.7.3.4
head tag, A.1
HTML fragment, A.1
html tag, A.1


IBM WebSphere Portal as Consume, 4.4
IBM WebSphere Portal as Producer, 3.3
IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.1, 1.2
import service WSDL, 4.2.3
insert tag, A.9
IP address, enabling, 3.4.1
ISCSActionForm, A.8, A.8
ISCSActionForm interface, A.7.3.4
ISCSActionHandler, A.7.3.4, A.8
ISCSActionHandler interface, A.7.3.4, A.8
ISCSAction.PORTLET_ID, A.7.3.2
ISCSController class, A.10
ISCSController interface, A.7.3.5


Java Messaging Service (JMS), A.7.3.4
JavaScript, A.1
JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library, A.1
JSP classes, A.9
JSP Tag Libraries, A.1
JSP Tag Library, A.1


libraries to be targeted, 3.1.3
Library portlet, 1.3, 5.1.6
Location node, A.7.3.4
location node, A.7.3.3


Manifest.MF file, 3.2.3
mds-SpacesDS, 3.1.3
Metadata Admin portlet, 1.3, 5.1.8
metadata parameter, 5.2
metadata value, 5.2
mode parameter, A.6.1
model (MVC), 2.2
Model-View-Controller, 2.2
Model-View-Controller design pattern, A.1
Model-View-Controller framework, 2.2, A.2
controller, 2.2
model, 2.2
view, 2.2


Oracle Application Server, 3.1, 3.3
Oracle Contribution portlet, 1.3
Oracle Guest Library portlet, 1.3
Oracle Guest Search portlet, 1.3
Oracle Library portlet, 1.3
Oracle Metadata Admin portlet, 1.3
Oracle Saved Search portlet, 1.3
Oracle Search portlet, 1.3
Oracle WebCenter, 3.1, 3.3
Oracle WebCenter as Producer, 3.1
Oracle WebCenter Interaction, 4.2
Oracle WebCenter Interaction as Consumer, 4.2
Oracle WebCenter Spaces as Consumer, 4.1
Oracle WebLogic Portal, 4.3
Oracle WebLogic Portal as Consumer, 4.3
Oracle WebLogic Portal as Producer, 3.2
Oracle Workflow Queue portlet, 1.3


permissions, 1.4
portal EAR project, 3.2.3, 4.3.3
portal web project, 3.2.3, 4.3.3
portal.vendor, A.5, A.5
portlet JSP page, A.1
portlet name, A.1
portlet preferences, A.6.3
portlet request-handling, 2.3
Portlet SDK, A.2
portlet security, 1.4
PortletAPIFacade, A.6.1
PortletBuilder, A.2, A.5
PortletDispatch, 2.2
portletdispatch-config, A.7.3
PortletDispatch.xml, A.6.1
portlet-id node, A.7.3.2
portlet.nam, A.5, A.5
Contribution, 1.3
dispatch configuration file, A.3
Guest Library, 1.3
Guest Search, 1.3
Library, 1.3
Metadata Admin, 1.3
Saved Search, 1.3
Search, 1.3
using Ant to compile and package, A.5
Workflow Queue, 1.3
portlet.xml file, 5.2
predefined metadata parameter, 5.2
processAction, 2.3
Put nodes, A.7.3.5


query definitions, 5.2
query entry, 5.2
query string, 5.2
query string modifier, 5.2


recommended access settings, 1.4
ReferencePortlets, A.2, A.5
registration properties, 4.3.3
render call, A.7.3.1
render method, A.7.3.1
render requests, 2.3
request-handling, 2.3


Saved Search portlet, 1.3, 5.1.3
SCSActionForm code, A.8
SCSActionHandler, A.8
SCSActionResult, A.8
SCSController class, A.10
SCSPortlet class, A.7
SDK Directory Structure, A.2
SDK tag libraries, A.2
Search portlet, 1.3, 5.1.7
security settings, 1.4
showEdit, A.7.3.1
showHome, A.7.3.1
Struts, 2.2, A.1
Struts and Tiles framework, 2.2, A.1
suppress portlet title bar, 4.2.3


table cell, A.1
body, A.1
head, A.1
html, A.1
tag libraries, A.2
targeting libraries, 3.1.3
Tile Definitions node, A.7.3.3
Tiles, 2.2, A.1


using the CPS portlets, 5.1


view (MVC), 2.2


Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP), 1.2
WebCenter as Producer, 3.1
WebCenter Interaction, 4.2
WebCenter Interaction as Consume, 4.2
WebCenter preconfigured OC4J, 3.1.1, 3.1.2
WebCenter Spaces as Consumer, 4.1
WEB-INF directory, 5.2
WebLogic Portal, 4.3
WebLogic Portal as Consumer, 4.3
WebLogic Portal as Producer, 3.2
WebLogic Portal EAR Project Facets, 3.2.3, 4.3.3
WebSphere Portal as Consumer, 4.4
WebSphere Portal as Producer, 3.3
Workflow Queue portlet, 1.3, 5.1.5
WSRP enabled portal servers, 3
WSRP producer, 3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3


XML code, A.9
XML notation, 5.2