This graphic shows the directory structure on a single host for an Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite installation in a Middleware home directory, which contains a WebLogic Server home directory, user_projects directory, and ECM Oracle home directory. The user_projects directory contains a domains directory, which contains a directory for the Oracle ECM domain named base_domain. The base_domain directory contains the server directory, which includes one directory for the Administration Server and one for each of the Managed Servers: Oracle UCM, Oracle IBR, Oracle I/PM, Oracle IRM, and Oracle URM. Below the directory structure on the host, the graphic shows a database host running Oracle Database 11g, which includes five ECM schemas: DEV_OCS, DEV_IPM, DEV_ORAIRM, DEV_URMSERVER, and DEV_MDS. On the right, the graphic summarizes the installation process in these steps:

  1. If you do not have a database, install one, and make sure that it is up and running. Then, run Repository Creation Utility (RCU) to create the schemas for Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite applications.

  2. Install Oracle WebLogic Server to create the Middleware home and Oracle WebLogic Server home directories.

  3. Install Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite and create the ECM Oracle home directory.

  4. Run the Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard to create the user_projects and Oracle ECM domain directories.

  5. Complete the configuration and run the various scripts to start the Administration Server and the Managed Servers in the domain.