17 Oracle Application Server Legacy Adapters

This document contains the following release information regarding Oracle WebLogic Server Legacy Adapters Version 11.1.1:


The issues and workarounds listed here are those that were known at the time of the product's initial release to the public. Additional issues and workarounds may have been discovered since the initial release. To view the latest known issues associated with Oracle SOA Suite, BPM Suite, and related SOA technologies, go to the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) at


17.1 Notes and Limitations

The following are the limitations for Oracle WebLogic Server Legacy Adapters Version 11.1.1:

Component Description
CDC Adapters When implementing a CDC solution that you created in Oracle Studio in JDeveloper, you must add the following information to the composite.xml:

In the binding section of the composite.xml, add the name of the operation. For example:

CICS Adapter OracleWLS fails to work against an interaction when the input and output records of the interaction have a field of the same complex type.

Workaround: In Oracle Studio, find the Tuxedo adapter you are working with and open it in the Metadata Explorer. Under Schema, copy the record that is used in both records, then paste it into the schema with a new name. Open one of the records and replace the field type with the copy instead of the duplicated record name.

For example:

  • There is an interaction called findDog that includes findDogInput as the input record and findDogResponse as the output record.

  • The findDogResponse record includes a field with a findDogInput type.

  • In the Schema section, copy findDogInput and then paste it with a new name, such as findDogInputCopy.

  • Right-click findDogResponse and select Edit. In the Type column, change findDogInput to findDogInputCopy.

Tuxedo Adapter Interaction outputs must contain wrapping record that includes the actual interaction output. This record is automatically created by Oracle Studio, however if the user manually edits the interaction and does not use the wrapping record, an error is returned.
VSAM CICS Driver Wrong results may be returned when executing a query with a less than (<) filter expression on an integer index segment. For example:

SELECT * FROM account where accountno < 10;

This occurs when the query processor accesses the table by the index.

Workaround use the <access(scan)>: as shown in the example below to avoid accessing the table by index.

SELECT * FROM account <access(scan)> where accountno < 10;

Oracle Studio On Linux systems, the Studio shortcut in the Start menu does not work. To access Oracle Studio, Activate the Studio file in the Oracle Studio installation directory.
Solution Perspective When selecting the server and staging area machines for a CDC solution, it is not possible to select a language and code page for the machines. English is used as the default language.
Solution Perspective The CDC captured table list is not refreshed in the Solution Perspective.

Workaround: Redefine the data source.

Solution Perspective The Activate workspaces and Deactivate workspaces buttons are active without regard to whether the requested operation was carried out successfully.

If the network is disconnected already, and you click Deactivate workspaces, an error is reported, and the Activate Workspaces command is available. However, the workspaces are still active.

Solution Perspective In the CDC Stream Service CDC, when you get to the end and click Back to make corrections, the table column filters may become corrupt.

To ensure that the columns you want are selected, in the Select Tables and Columns Filter page, expand the tables and make sure the correct columns are selected. If not, select or clear the columns and then proceed to the final page and select Finish.

Solution Perspective When entering a staging-area machine in the Solution perspective, you must make sure to enter the path or other information correctly. For example, if you are using a UNIX machine, use a forward slash (/) separator. Oracle Studio does not verify that the information you entered is correct for the machine you are using. Therefore if you use the wrong information, the solution will not work.
Solution Perspective The Access Service Manager in the Solution Perspective that is used to customize the staging area workspace is not working. The values that are set in this wizard are not saved and not deployed as part of the solution.

Workaround: Make workspace customizations after the solution is deployed using the workspace editor in the Configuration view.

Solution Perspective When selecting Connect with fixed NAT, the CDC solution fails on deployment with a connection error.
Solution Perspective If you open the Design Step wizard when editing a CDC solution, the values for the Client Type and Staging Area are reset to their default values.

Do not open the Design Step wizard to ensure that these values do not return to the default value. If you need to enter the Design Step wizard, make sure to reset these values.

Solution Perspective If you change the name of a data source created in a CDC solution to a name that is used by another data source in the NAV binding, an error is returned. You should use a unique name for the data source.
Solution Perspective If a CDC solution is imported and then deployed, Studio marks the solution as deployed, however it is not actually deployed on the server.
Solution Perspective The link to open the replication script for MS SQL Server ODBC does not work on Linux computers. To open this file, copy it to a location on your Linux computer and open it from a text editor.
Design Perspective When you create a CDC solution in the Solution perspective and disable the solution workspace, the workspace will be shown as active when you view it in the Design perspective. The status also remains as active after carrying out an update.
Design Perspective Oracle Studio may lose the server connection without the possibility to refresh the connection from the Configuration view. Restart Oracle Studio to regain the connection.
Design Perspective The Oracle Studio Test option for the Tuxedo Gateway adapter does not work.
Design Perspective If you try to delete a cached table that was defined in the Metadata View for a relational data source an error is received.

Changing between native metadata and cached metadata views does not work, and no error is returned.

Design Perspective When selecting Connect with fixed NAT, the test adapter fails.
Design Perspective When exporting the metadata for a data source by using the Export XML definitions option, all of the metadata is exported. If you want to export the definitions only, then export the XML through the binding. You can then remove the definitions for any data source included in the binding that you do not need.
Import Managers The import enqueue and post interaction output are incorrect.

For enqueue interactions, the output is always set as ENQ_OUT_HEADER struct.

The post interaction is sync-send only, which means that when you import a post interaction there will be no output and the interaction mode is set to sync-send.

Import Managers The Tuxedo adapter, Tuxedo Queue adapter, and Tuxedo Gateway import manager wizards do not have a validation mechanism and will accept any data entered.
Import Managers If you select Finish in the Database adapter metadata import wizard before reaching the final step (called Import the Metadata), incorrect metadata is generated.
Import Manager In a Tuxedo import, when you retrieve the input files from an FTP connection, an error is returned when you go the next step in the import wizard.
Utilities The NAV_UTIL service with param option is not recognized.
Utilities Executing the NAV_UTIL command without parameters in Linux causes the utility to shut down.
Utilities When calling a procedure which returns at least one result set, the SQL Utility doesn't return the first row of the first record set.
Security If the daemon is set to be used by a specific user and the database being accessed requires a user and password for access, the CDC solution fails.
Installation When Uninstalling with an open application that uses NAV_UTIL or other Oracle dlls, an error is displayed. You can ignore this error.
Installation When upgrading from version, you must use the upgrade option in the installation wizard. Do not uninstall Version and then install the newer version. If you do this, you will lose all data in the Def directory
Installation You cannot install Oracle Connect version 11.1.1 side-by-side with version and earlier.
MS SQL Server CDC The MS SQL CDC only supports a single bit Column in tables.
MS SQL Server CDC Connection errors are returned when working with a CDC solution for MS SQL Server with Windows authentication and no authentication information is entered for the CDC adapter.