5 Oracle Tuxedo Licensing

This chapter describes licensing for Oracle Tuxedo and add-on products. It contains the following sections:

5.1 The Oracle Tuxedo Product Family

The Oracle Tuxedo product family includes the following components:

Oracle Tuxedo: Provides infrastructure for building C/C++/COBOL based, high performance, transactional applications in heterogeneous environment that extend from the Web to the Enterprise. Using Oracle Tuxedo, users can develop, manage, and deploy distributed applications independently of the underlying hardware, operating system, network, and database environment.

The Tuxedo installation program can be used to install the following server and client components of Tuxedo:

Server components:

  • Oracle Application-to-Transaction Monitor Interface (ATMI) server software

  • Oracle Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) C++ server software

  • Oracle SNMP Agent software

  • Oracle Tuxedo Administration Console software

  • Link-Level Encryption (LLE) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption software

Client components:

  • Oracle ATMI Workstation (/WS) client software

  • Oracle CORBA C++ client software—includes the C++ client Object Request Broker (ORB) and the environmental objects

  • Oracle Jolt client software

  • Tuxedo.NET Workstation client software

  • LLE and SSL encryption software

5.2 Separately Licensed Product Options for Oracle Tuxedo

The Oracle Tuxedo installation program includes several Tuxedo product options, described in the following table, that may be installed along with Oracle Tuxedo. However, the Oracle Tuxedo license does not extend to these product options. Each must be separately licensed prior to use.

Product Option Description
Oracle Jolt Provides Java-based client API to access the Oracle Tuxedo application services extending functionality of existing Tuxedo applications to Intranet- and Internet-wide availability. The Jolt client API can be used in standalone mode or from within an application server, such as Oracle WebLogic server.
Oracle Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo (SALT) Enables access to Tuxedo services as Web services as well as enables Tuxedo applications to access Web services hosted outside of Tuxedo domain. SALT provides easy to use, configuration driven model, without requiring any programming.
Oracle Tuxedo System and Applications Monitor (TSAM) Monitors system servers, application servers, and application transactions. Also provides end-to-end performance data and relevant statistics. TSAM reports collected data, such as service response times, utilization, and SLA violations by means of a centralized Web-based console.

You must run a TSAM agent on each computer that you want to monitor and manage using TSAM Manager. Each TSAM agent must be licensed. You can run one or more instances of the TSAM Manager and its Console without any additional licenses.

Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapters (SNA, TCP and OSITP) Provide bi-directional and transactional connectivity between Tuxedo and CICS/IMS services running on IBM or Unisys mainframes. These adapters support automatic data conversion to and from HOST formats.
Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter Enables bi-directional access between Tuxedo services and Java EE application servers, such as Oracle WebLogic Server.

Tuxedo JCA Adapter is licensed on the computer where the Java EE application server is running.

Oracle Tuxedo Application Rehosting Workbench Helps simplify and accelerate mainframe application rehosting by automating code and data migration.
Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime (ART) for CICS and Batch Supports IBM mainframe applications rehosted to Oracle Tuxedo. It provides a combination of APIs and services that allows OLTP and Batch mainframe applications to run unchanged, preserving investment in business logic and data.