3 Harvest-HTTP Repository Host Integration

This chapter describes how to set up a Harvest-HTTP repository and integrate it with Oracle Enterprise Repository.

This chapter contains the following sections:

3.1 Overview

The Harvest-HTTP Repository Integration is a single servlet Web application that allows the addition of files residing in a Harvest Repository to assets within Oracle Enterprise Repository. The application handles the physical retrieval of a file within a Harvest Repository based on an URL. The servlet name is retrieve.

3.2 Installation

  1. Deploy the Harvest-HTTP Repository Host Integration on the application server.

  2. Modify and edit the <app_server>/harvest_rep/WEB-INF/classes/harvest.properties file.

    • enterprise.repositories.harvest.hco.path

      • Local path to the Harvest hco.exe file (for example, \C:\\Program Files\\CA\\AllFusion Harvest Change Manager\\hco.exe)


        Unix/Linux paths use forward slashes (/) and Windows paths use double backslashes (\\).
    • enterprise.repositories.harvest.tmp.path

      • Local path to where files are temporarily stored.

    • enterprise.repositories.harvest.use-single-sign-on=false

    Leave the rest of the properties as they are by default.

  3. Save changes and close.

  4. Restart application server.

3.3 Configure an Artifact Store

This procedure is performed in the Oracle Enterprise Repository Asset Editor.

  1. Select Configure Artifact Stores from the Actions menu.

  2. Click Add to open the Create a new Artifact Store dialog.

  3. Create a new http repository using the following parameters:

    • Hostname: <app server name with port> where Harvest-HTTP Artifact Store Integration was installed.

    • Path: harvest_rep/retrieve/<harvest_broker_name>

    • Leave Username and Password blank.

  4. Click OK.

3.4 Add the Harvest Artifact Store to an Asset

This procedure is performed in the Oracle Enterprise Repository Asset Editor.

  1. Use Search or other means to locate the asset to which the files are to be added.

  2. Open the asset.

  3. Add the file:

    • Click Repository File Selection.

    • Select the Artifact Store corresponding to Harvest.

    • For File Name specify the Harvest path with the following format:

      • <package_name>/<project_name>/<state_name>/<repository_path>/<filename>

  4. Click OK.