5.2 Configuring OID, OVD, ODSM, ODIP, and OIF (

After you have patched your software to the latest version, you are ready to configure the following components:

  • Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

  • Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)

  • Oracle Directory Services Manager (ODSM)

  • Oracle Directory Integration Platform (ODIP)

  • Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)

You must run the Oracle Identity Management Configuration Wizard to create your WebLogic Domain and configure your components.

On UNIX systems:


On Windows systems:


The Oracle Identity Management 11g Configuration Wizard is displayed. You can use this wizard to configure your component in a new domain, in an existing domain, or without a domain. Note that you can install and configure only Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Virtual Directory without a domain. For more information, see the following topics: