F.3 Specify Installation Location

In this screen, you enter a location for the new Oracle Identity Management 11g software being installed.

Figure F-3 Specify Installation Location Screen

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Ensure that Oracle WebLogic Server is already installed on your machine. Navigate to the Oracle Fusion Middleware Home directory by clicking Browse. Enter a name for the new Oracle Home directory for Oracle Identity Management 11g components.

If the Middleware location does not exist, you must install WebLogic Server and create a Middleware Home directory, as described in Installing Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.3 and Creating the Oracle Middleware Home, before running the Oracle Identity Management Installer.


If you do not specify a valid Middleware Home directory on the Specify Installation Location screen, the Installer displays a message and prompts you to confirm whether you want to proceed with the installation of only Oracle Identity Manager Design Console and Oracle Identity Manager Remote Manager. These two components of Oracle Identity Manager do not require a Middleware Home directory.

If you want to install only Oracle Identity Manager Design Console or Remote Manager, you do not need to install Oracle WebLogic Server or create a Middleware Home directory on the machine where Design Console or Remote Manager is being configured.

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