17.11 Verifying the OAM Installation

After completing the installation process, including post-installation steps, you can verify the installation and configuration of Oracle Access Manager (OAM) as follows:

  1. Ensure that the Administration Server and the Managed Server are up and running.

  2. Log in to the Administration Console for Oracle Access Manager using the URL: http://<adminserver-host>:<adminserver-port>/oamconsole

    When you access this Administration Console running on the Administration Server, you are prompted to enter a user name and password. Note that you must have Administrator's role and privileges.

  3. Verify the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console. If the installation and configuration of Oracle Access Manager is successful, this console shows the Administration Server (for example, oam_admin) and the Managed Server (for example, oam_server) in the running mode. In addition, if you check Application Deployments in this console, both oam_admin and oam_server must be in active state.