D.2 Installation Log Files

The Installer writes log files to the ORACLE_INVENTORY_LOCATION/logs directory on UNIX systems and to the ORACLE_INVENTORY_LOCATION\logs directory on Windows systems.

On UNIX systems, if you do not know the location of your Oracle Inventory directory, you can find it in the ORACLE_HOME/oraInst.loc file.

On Microsoft Windows systems, the default location for the inventory directory is C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs.

The server log files are created in the <DOMAIN_HOME>/server/<servername/logs directory.

The following install log files are written to the log directory:

  • installDATE-TIME_STAMP.log

  • installDATE-TIME_STAMP.out

  • installActionsDATE-TIME_STAMP.log

  • installProfileDATE-TIME_STAMP.log

  • oraInstallDATE-TIME_STAMP.err

  • oraInstallDATE-TIME_STAMP.log