23.3 Installing Oracle HTTP Server 11g Webgate for Oracle Access Manager

This section discusses the following topics:

23.3.1 Launching the Installer

The Installer program for Oracle HTTP Server 11g Webgate for Oracle Access Manager is included in the webgate.zip file.

Perform the following steps to start the installation wizard:

  1. Extract the contents of the webgate.zip file to a directory. By default, this directory is named webgate.

  2. Move to the Disk1 directory under the webgate folder.

  3. Start the Installer by executing one of the following commands:

    UNIX: <full path to the runInstaller directory>./runInstaller -jreLoc <WebTier_Home>/jdk

    Windows: <full path to the setup.exe directory>\ setup.exe -jreLoc <WebTier_Home>\jdk


    When you install Oracle HTTP Server, the jdk directory is created under the <WebTier_Home> directory. You must enter the absolute path of the JRE folder located in this JDK when launching the installer. For example, on Windows, if the JDK is located in D:\oracle\Oracle_WT1\jdk, then launch the installer from the command prompt as follows:

    D:\setup.exe -jreLoc D:\oracle\Oracle_WT1\jdk

    After the Installer starts, the Welcome screen appears. Continue by referring to the section Installation Flow and Procedure for installing Oracle HTTP Server 11g Webgate for Oracle Access Manager.

23.3.2 Installation Flow and Procedure

Follow the instructions in Table 23-3 to install Oracle HTTP Server 11g Webgate for Oracle Access Manager.

If you need additional help with any of the installation screens, click Help to access the online help.

Table 23-3 Installation Flow

No. Screen Description and Action Required


Welcome Screen

Click Next to continue.


Prerequisite Checks Screen

Click Next to continue.


Specify Installation Location Screen

Specify the Middleware Home and Oracle Home locations.

Note that the Middleware Home should contain an Oracle Home for Oracle Web Tier. Oracle WebLogic Server is not a prerequisite for installing Oracle HTTP Server Webgate. However, Oracle HTTP Server, which is a component of Oracle Web Tier, requires only the directory structure for the Middleware home.

For more information about these directories, see "Oracle Fusion Middleware Directory Structure and Concepts" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Planning Guide.

Click Next to continue.


On selected UNIX operating systems only (Linux 32- and 64-bit, and Solaris 64-bit):

Specify GCC Library Screen

Specify the directory that contains the GCC libraries.

Click Next to continue.


Installation Summary Screen

Verify the information on this screen.

Click Install to begin the installation.


Installation Progress Screen

If you are installing on a UNIX system, you may be asked to run the ORACLE_HOME/oracleRoot.sh script to set up the proper file and directory permissions.

Click Next to continue.


Installation Complete Screen

Click Finish to dismiss the installer.