8.2 Copying a Page

You can save time in your page creation by using an existing page as a starting point for a new page. Use the Copy feature to copy an existing page, and then edit the copy.

You can copy a page to a different page group as long as the following are true:

  • The page is not based on a local page type

  • The page is not based on a local portal template

  • The page does not use a local HTML page skin, local item template, local style, local category, or local perspectives

  • The page's default WebDAV item types are not local item types

  • The page does not use a shared item template where the parameter is a local attribute

  • The page does not include a local item

  • No regions on the page use local styles or local HTML content layout or include local attributes

To copy a page:

  1. Log in to Oracle Portal.

  2. Click the Build tab to bring it forward.

  3. From the Page Groups portlet Work In drop-down list, select the page group that owns the page to be copied.

    By default, the Page Groups portlet is located on the Build tab of the Portal Builder page.

  4. In the Layout & Appearance section, click the Browse link next to the Pages heading.

  5. On the resulting Portal Navigator page, click the Copy link next to the page you want to copy.

    If the page is a sub-page of one of the pages listed here, click the Sub-Pages node next to the parent page, and continue to drill down the page hierarchy until you see the page you want to copy listed in the Portal Navigator.

  6. In the Page Group Map, click the Copy Here link next to the page under which you want to create the copy.


    You must have at least the page privilege Manage on the target page. You can create a copy only in the same page group as the original page.
  7. Edit the value in the Display Name field.

    Use up to 256 characters of any kind.

    The default value in the Display Name field is taken from the Display Name of the source page, with the words Copy of added. The value is truncated to 256 characters.


    For more information about the rules governing the formation of object names in Oracle Portal, see Appendix D, "Object Naming Rules in Oracle Portal".
  8. Select Copy Access Control if you want the new page to have the same privilege settings as the original page.


    The copy options specified for the page also apply to its sub-pages. For example, if you select Copy Access Control, the sub-pages' access control settings are also copied.
  9. Select Copy Sub-Pages if you want to include the original page's sub-pages in this copy.

    Copied sub-pages retain their original names.

  10. Select Copy Content to copy the content of the original page as well as its properties.

  11. Select Copy Portlet Personalizations to copy any personalizations that were made to the portlets on the original page.

    If you do not select this option, the portlets on the new page are reset to their default settings.


    This option is available only when you select Copy Content.
  12. Click OK to create the new page.