20.3 Troubleshooting Approval and Notifications

I want to define an approval process for my page, but I cannot see the Approvals tab.

You can only define approvals for a page if the page group administrator has enabled pages to override the page group approval process. Contact the page group administrator to discuss whether it is appropriate for pages within the page group to override the page group approval process.

I'm defining my approval process, and Group IDs are being displayed instead of Group Names.

When a group from one instance of Oracle Portal is added to an approval routing step in another instance, the group's internal ID may appear instead of its name. This may arise when a non-local group is selected in the Recipient(s) field on the Approval Routing page. Non-local groups are those that are defined and created in another portal instance. Non-local groups are included in the list when you search for All (instead of Local) when selecting a user group for an approval routing step. You cannot replace a non-local group's ID with the group name.

I want to use an Oracle BPEL workflow process for approvals in my page, but I am only being given the option of setting up an Oracle Portal approval process.

Pages must use the same type of approval process as the page group to which they belong. If the page group administrator has set up the page group to use Oracle Portal approval process, you must also use an Oracle Portal approval process for your page. Likewise, if the page group uses Oracle BPEL for approvals, your page must use this type of approval process too.

I cannot see the Oracle BPEL workflow process that I want to use on the Approvals tab.

Before you can use an Oracle BPEL workflow process, the portal administrator must first create a process definition for it. For information about how to do this, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Portal.

The approval process is not being triggered when I add or modify an item.

When the Require Approval for All Users option has been set at the page group or page level, the approval process initiates when any user creates or modifies an item. If this option is not set, the approval process begins only when a user with the Manage Items with Approval privilege creates or modifies an item. If the approval process is not initiating, check to see if:

  • The user who created or modified an item had a higher privilege level than Manage Items with Approval. In this case, the approval process will not (and should not) be initiated.

  • The user with the Manage Items with Approval privilege is also the owner of the page, or is the page group administrator. These higher privileges override the Manage Items with Approval privilege.

I modified an item that was pending approval. Will my modifications be lost?

Only a user who is an approver and has Manage Content or higher privileges can edit a pending item. The changes are made directly to the pending item. The modifications are not lost but will appear once the item is approved.

I uploaded a draft item but cannot see it on my page. Pending, rejected, and deleted rejected items are not displayed either.

Drafts do not display as expected when the page that contains the draft item is cached at the system level. To avoid access problems, do not cache pages (or templates) at the system level when Approvals and Notifications are enabled. See Section 21.1, "Page Caching."