6 Creating Pages

To the casual observer, the portal you create using Oracle Portal appears to be hierarchical groups of Web pages that contain your content. Look a little deeper and you will find that, although portal pages are as easy to assemble and use as any other Web page, they bring with them powerful intelligence, security, and content management tools you can use to create a rich Web experience for your users.

Figure 6-1 Conceptual Model of Pages in Oracle Portal

Conceptual model of pages in Oracle Portal
Description of "Figure 6-1 Conceptual Model of Pages in Oracle Portal"

This chapter defines pages as they are used in Oracle Portal and explains how to create different types of pages. It includes the following main sections:

Oracle Portal provides several caching options to assist page designers and administrators with optimizing the performance of their portal pages, portlets, and templates. To find out more about caching, see Chapter 21, "Improving Page Performance".

Intended Audience

This chapter is intended for users with at least the page privilege Manage on one or more pages. For tasks that require different privileges, those privileges are listed before that task. For more information on page privileges, see Appendix B, "Page Group Object Privileges".