14.6 Hiding/Showing an Item

When you hide an item, users are not able to see the item in View mode; however, they can still see it in Edit mode, where it is clearly marked as Hidden.

System Level caching options affect whether a hidden item is visible in the Graphical view of page Edit mode. This is because when the page definition or the fully assembled page content is cached at the system level, the same information is rendered from the same source for all users:

  • On pages cached at the user level, hidden items display (as Hidden) only to users with a minimum of the page or tab privilege Manage Content. Hidden items do not display to other users.

  • On pages where the page definition only is cached at the system level, hidden items display (as Hidden) to all users.

  • On pages cached at the system level for a specified period (expiry caching), hidden items display (as Hidden) to all users.


For information on which items are accessible in what states, see Section 17.9.3, "Item URL Security".

To hide an item:

  1. Log in to Oracle Portal.

  2. Go to the page that contains the item to be hidden.

    For information on locating a page through the Page Groups portlet, see Section 8.1, "Locating Pages in Oracle Portal".

  3. Click the Edit link at the top of the page.

    This opens the page in Edit mode.

  4. Locate the item to be hidden, and click the Actions icon beside the item (Figure 14-25).

    Figure 14-25 The Actions Icon

    Actions icon
  5. Click the Hide link.

When you want to show the item, follow these steps, clicking the Show link on the Select Action page.

When you copy a hidden item, the copied item is also hidden.

If you want your item to become available on a particular day and the Publish Date attribute is available, consider using this attribute rather than hiding the item. When you set the Publish Date attribute to a future date, the item is hidden until the date you specify. See Section 14.4.3, "Setting a Publish Date for an Item".

If you are hiding the item because you are still working on its content, consider using the Enable Item Drafts feature rather than hiding the item. Items with the status Draft are not displayed in View mode until they have been submitted for approval and been approved for display. For more information, see Section 20.1, "Setting Up an Approval Process for a Page".