10 Working with Layouts

The layout of a page is determined by its region and tab placement. Regions serve both to provide the layout structure of a page and to contain your portal content. Tabs serve to enable a virtual stack of regions.

Figure 10-1 Different Page Layouts Using Regions and Tabs

Different page layouts using regions and tabs
Description of "Figure 10-1 Different Page Layouts Using Regions and Tabs"

As simple as the concept of regions is, it is nonetheless possible to exercise a number of powerful controls over how a region behaves. This chapter explores the controls available for managing regions and provides information on how to use those controls to get your desired result. It includes the following subsections:

Intended Audience

The content of this chapter is intended for users who will work with regions. Most related tasks require at least the page privilege Manage. When an additional or different privilege is required, it is noted before each task or group of tasks.