9.6 Adding MobileXML to Oracle Portal Pages

MobileXML is well-formed XML that conforms to the OracleAS Wireless MobileXML DTD. The OracleAS Wireless gateway transforms MobileXML generated by Oracle Portal portlets into device-specific markup (such as tinyHTML and WML).

A MobileXML portlet is provided in the Oracle Portal Portlet Repository. You can use this portlet to record MobileXML content for display on mobile devices. For example, a Contact Us portlet might display this MobileXML:

<SimpleText>  <SimpleTextItem>
    For more information, call our sales team on 1.800.SALES

The following steps describe how to add the MobileXML portlet to both standard and mobile pages. For more information on MobileXML and the MobileXML DTD, see the Oracle Application Server Wireless documentation on the Oracle Technology Network, http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B14099_19/wireless.htm.

To add or edit the MobileXML portlet:

  1. Navigate to the page on which you want to add the MobileXML portlet.

    For information on locating a page, see Section 8.1, "Locating Pages in Oracle Portal".

  2. Click the Add Portlet icon in the region in which you want to add a portlet.

    If you are adding the portlet to a mobile page, choose the Add Portlets icon in the level in which you want to add the portlet.

  3. Enter MobileXML in the Search field and click Go.

    If you have the appropriate privileges to access this portlet, it is displayed.

  4. To add a portlet to your page, click the portlet name, and then click OK.

  5. Click the Edit Defaults icon associated with the portlet.

    If you are working on a mobile page, click the Edit Defaults link for the portlet.

  6. Enter a different Short Display Name for the portlet. The default is MobileXML Portlet.

    This name is used when the portlet is displayed on pages on the desktop.

  7. Enter a different Display Name for the portlet. The default is MobileXML Portlet.

    This name is used when the portlet is displayed on a mobile device.

  8. Click Display Portlet Header to display the portlet header and the text supplied in the Display Name field. Clear the check box to suppress the header.

    The portlet header displays only on pages on the desktop, not on the mobile device.

  9. In the Content text box, enter MobileXML content for this portlet. If you do not use MobileXML tags, the content appears as plain text without any formatting.

    It is recommended that the content block does not exceed 2000 characters due to the limitations of some mobile devices.