9.8 Using the OracleAS Wireless Debugger/Simulator

The OracleAS Wireless server has a basic built-in debugger that includes a simulator. You can access the debugger from OracleAS Wireless by:

  • Clicking the test button of the portal service, or

  • Choosing to debug the portal service.

The simulator looks and behaves like a PDA, and offers nothing more than simple browsing capabilities.

The simulator is part of the service debugging process that enables you to choose which device http headers the simulation passes on to Oracle Portal (the simulator does not change to look like the chosen device, but the headers sent to Oracle Portal will differ). This enables you to send requests to Oracle Portal as if they are coming from a PDA and then to send requests to Oracle Portal as if they were coming from a mobile phone. This may be useful if you want to check portlets that are set up to display markup targeted at specific devices.

If caching is enabled for the Oracle Portal page you are debugging, do not switch device types while using the OracleAS Wireless debug tool. If you need to switch device types, exit the tool, clear out any cookies, and then log back in to the OracleAS Wireless debug tool and continue your tests. If you do not, the Portal cache may contain contradictory information and this can result in unexpected behavior.