13 Designing Your Portal's Navigation

One of the most important considerations in the creation of your portal is the design and construction of its navigation. Of primary importance is an effortless, intuitive scheme for navigating through and locating your company's vital information.

Figure 13-1 Use Navigation Page Portlets for Consistent Site Navigation

Navigation page portlets
Description of "Figure 13-1 Use Navigation Page Portlets for Consistent Site Navigation"

Oracle Portal provides pre-built navigation-related objects that assist you with rapid construction of meaningful, thorough site navigation. These include automatically structured links to your portal's home page, automatically parsed and easily configured breadcrumbs, automatic gathering and publishing of objects with a common classification, and navigation pages.

This chapter provides information about navigation in Oracle Portal and describes how to work with navigational elements. It contains the following sections:

Intended Audience

The content of this chapter is intended for users who will work with site navigation. Navigation pages, sub-page links regions, and navigation item types require different access privileges for different types of objects:

If a particular task requires different privileges than those listed here, those privileges are listed before the steps of that task.