7.2 Listing the Pages You Manage

The User Managed Pages portlet provides a window on all of the pages that you manage within a given page group. The portlet not only lists all of the pages on which you have the page privilege Manage, but also provides a link to each page for quick access.


To add this portlet so that all authenticated users can see it, you must have at least the page privilege Manage Content on the page where you will place it.

You can also add the User Managed Pages portlet to your own view of a page if you have at least the page privilege Add-Only Personalize Portlets on the page. The portlet will be visible only in your personal view the page; other users will not see it in their views.

For information on page privileges, see Appendix B, "Page Group Object Privileges".

To add the User Managed Pages portlet to a page:

  1. Log in to Oracle Portal.

  2. Click the Build tab to bring it forward.

  3. From the Page Groups portlet Work In drop-down list, select the page group that owns the relevant page.

    By default, the Page Groups portlet is located on the Build tab of the Portal Builder page.

  4. In the Layout & Appearance section, under the Pages heading, click the link to the page you will work with.

    This opens the page in Edit mode.

  5. Go to the region where you will add the portlet, click the Add Portlets icon.

    This opens the Portlet Repository.

  6. In the repository's Search field, enter User Managed Pages, and click Go.


    By default, the User Managed Pages portlet is located under the Portal Content Tools page of the Portlet Repository.
  7. Click User Managed Pages to add it to the Selected Portlets list.

  8. Click OK to return to the page.

  9. Optionally, click the portlet's Edit Defaults icon.

    If you are in View mode, rather than Edit mode, you can click the Personalize link in the portlet's header.


    For the Personalize link to display in the portlet's header, the containing page must be in View mode, and Headers and the Personalize Link must be enabled in the portlet region's Portlet Display Options. For more information, see Section 10.2, "Configuring Region Display Options".
  10. Optionally, in the Display Name field provide your own name for the portlet.

    For example, My Pages.

  11. In the Number Of Pages field, enter the number of pages to display.

    Leave the field blank to display all the pages on which you have the page privilege Manage, up to a maximum of 99,999.

  12. In the Order By list, choose either:

    • Display Name to order the pages alphabetically from A to Z

    • Creation Date to order pages from the most recently created to the oldest


    When you order by creation date, the portlet lists page Display Names in creation order, rather than listing page creation dates.
  13. Click OK to return to the page.