7.7 Specifying a Representative Image for a Page

When you include a page in a list of objects, you can specify that an image should be used in lieu of the page's display name to represent the page in the list. Additionally, you can specify a rollover image to display when users mouse over the page image.

Specify representative images for Standard, URL, and PL/SQL pages, or custom pages that are based on these page types. The images you specify in this task are also used when the sub-page display option Display Sub-Page Image and Rollover Image is checked. For more information, see Section, "Specifying the Attributes to Display with Sub-Page Links".

To specify a representative image for a page:

  1. Log in to Oracle Portal.

  2. Click the Build tab to bring it forward.

  3. From the Page Groups portlet Work In drop-down list, select the page group that owns the page for which to select a representative image.

    By default, the Page Groups portlet is located on the Build tab of the Portal Builder page.

  4. Under the Pages heading in the Layout & Appearance section, click the link to the relevant page.

    This opens the page in Edit mode.

  5. Click the Page: Properties link in the toolbar at the top of the page.

  6. On the resulting page, click the Optional tab to bring it forward, and go to the Page Images section.

  7. In the Image Name field, enter the path and file name of an image.

    Optionally, click the Browse button to locate the image.

  8. Optionally, in the Rollover Image Name field enter the path and file name of the rollover image.

    Alternatively, click the Browse button to locate the image.

  9. Click OK to save your changes and return to the page.