16.2 Working with Basic and Advanced Search Portlets

When you place a Basic or Advanced Search portlet on a page, you can edit some default portlet settings, including the portlet's header title and whether a page group selector is displayed. The page group selector allows users to limit their search to one or more specific page groups.

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This section discusses the options that are set at the portlet level. You'll find information about setting options at the administrator level in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Portal.

To edit a Basic or Advanced Search portlet:

  1. Go to the page where you will add the Basic or Advanced Search portlet.

  2. Switch to Edit mode.

  3. Click the Add Portlet icon in the region where you will add the portlet.

    If the region already includes items, you cannot add a portlet to the region.

  4. In the Portlet Repository, enter search in the Search field, and click Go.

  5. In the Portlet Repository Search Results list, click Basic Search or Advanced Search.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click the Edit Defaults icon associated with the portlet.

  8. Change defaults as desired:

    • Enter a different Display name. The default is Basic Search or Advanced Search.

    • Select Show Page Group Selector to enable users of this search portlet to choose which page groups are included in a search. Once this option is selected, a Page Groups field displays in the portlet. Users click the Browse icon next to this field to select one or more page groups.

      If this option is not selected, all page groups are searched.

  9. Click OK to save your changes and return to the page.


When you edit a portlet, for example, through Edit Defaults, you make changes to the portlet that affect all views of it. When you personalize a portlet, you affect just your view of it. If a Personalize link is set to display, you can make the same changes discussed in this section to your personal view of the Basic or Advanced Search portlet by clicking the Personalize link in the portlet header.