17 Protecting Your Content

Oracle Portal uses privileges to control access to portal objects, such as pages, tabs, items, templates, and styles. Administrators can delegate the assignment of privileges to other users and groups. Privilege assignments enable users and groups to access, personalize, or modify the object. Administrators can also grant global privileges on all objects of a given type.

Figure 17-1 Set Access Rules to Protect Content

Set access rules to protect content
Description of "Figure 17-1 Set Access Rules to Protect Content"

This chapter contains information on how to use privileges to control who may view and interact with objects in your portal. It includes the following sections:

Intended Audience

This chapter is intended for users who want to understand how security operates within Oracle Portal. The privilege required to perform the actions discussed in this chapter vary according to the type of action. Each section provides information about required privileges. For more information about privileges, see Appendix B, "Page Group Object Privileges".