19 Translating Portal Content

Oracle Portal provides the means of storing, managing, and publishing translations of your portal content. Many of the objects that are managed in your portal can be associated with one or more languages in addition to the default language defined for a page group. The translation of an object displays automatically when the session language matches the language of the translation.

When a translation exists for a portal object in the Oracle Metadata Repository, it means that a specific instance of that object exists in a language other than the default language in addition to the instance that exists in the default language. A translated object includes its content and its translatable attribute values.


Translations do not apply to portlets. However, if you change the session language to a language other than the default and edit the content of the HTML portlet, a translated version of the content is created regardless of whether or not a translation exists in that language for the page group. It is recommended that you exercise caution when editing portlet content in a language other than the default language.

This chapter explains how translations work in Oracle Portal and how to put translation features to work. It includes the following subsections: