2.8 Troubleshooting

How can I be sure that I am seeing the most up to date content

Your browsers default settings are sufficient for displaying valid portal content. If those defaults have been altered, you should check that their values do not inadvertently disable valuable cache capabilities.

The Search page group selection box does not seem to be working properly. Some page groups are not displayed and some display incorrectly.

Do any of the page group names contain a comma? If the name of a page group contains one or more commas it does not display properly in search-related page group selection boxes. This is because the comma character is used as the delimiter between page group names. For example, a page group named Sales, London, UK, might appear as three, separate, selectable page group names instead of just a single page group. The extra, invalid page group entries get displayed instead of valid page groups and therefore you might also find that some page groups appear unavailable. Report your problem to the page group administrator. Page group administrators are advised not to use commas within page group names due to this issue.

If page group names are not the issue, you might find that the search portlet is set up to exclude certain page groups. Contact the page owner, to see if the page group restriction can be removed.

When I edit the page, the Pending Items Preview link does not display in the page toolbar.

When a tab that is on a public page has restricted access, such that users cannot add items to the tab without approval, the Pending Items Preview link does not display. This is because the page toolbar displays according to page settings and not tab settings. You can still get to preview mode:

  • Edit the page, and change the mode setting in the portal page's URL to _mode=25.

  • Access the page through the My Approval Status portlet.

I uploaded a draft item but cannot see it on my page. Pending, rejected, and deleted rejected items are not displayed either.

Drafts do not display as expected when the page that contains the draft item is cached at the system level. To avoid access problems, do not cache pages (or templates) at the system level when Approvals and Notifications are enabled. See Section 21.1, "Page Caching."

I cannot see my approval notifications.

There are two portlets for listing approval notifications:

  • Notifications for approvals initiated by an Oracle Portal approval process are shown in the My Notifications portlet.

  • Notifications for approvals initiated by an Oracle BPEL workflow process are shown in the My Worklist portlet.

If your portal uses a mixture of Oracle Portal and Oracle BPEL approval processes, make sure that you include and check both portlets for notifications.